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  1. NathWFC

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    It's really, really great that he was completely ignored in favour of a broken down Deeney for the second half the season. A truly sensational decision.
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  2. WatfordTalk

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    Saw that you'd posted on here and foolishly braced myself for a rare bout of positivity. How foolish of me!
  3. NathWFC

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    Foolish indeed.
  4. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

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  6. Manatleisure

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    Think you lot are getting too carried out too early with this Pedro geezer. No way should he have been playing up front in the Premier League, and he has scuffed the 2 chances he has had in the box. A lone front man he ain't (yet). As someone to play behind the striker in a 2, or on the wing, I think he looks promising.
  7. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

    Hogg-DEENEY!!! Squad Player

    I did think he was worth a go on the wing with Welbeck up front instead of Deeney, but hey, Nigel didn't take the plunge and here we are. Promising display against Boro with limited support, but yeah, ideally we'd have him as a winger/inside forward/second striker rather than a lone front man. Still really really exciting, delighted we're keeping him after all the other big names seem to be going! (Famous last words?)
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  8. lowerrous

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    Funnily enough, in Ivic's press conference yesterday he said of Joao Pedro "maybe his natural position is like a winger, but he can do it like striker or second striker".

    I've been pointing this out about his position for a while, he seems to do better when receiving the ball to feet in wide or deep areas, and still is too slight to optimally play as a lead the line striker/number 9 involving a lot of work with his back to goal.
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  9. Carpster

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    Agreed. He looks excellent picking up from deep positions and attacking the backline. He certainly can spot a pass too. I suppose on that front we were lacking a CF who was up to speed. Which is slightly worrying as we brought in Murray.
  10. luke_golden

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    In fairness to him, I think it’s been obvious he’s worked on his hold-up play, particularly with his back to goal. I can think of several occasions in the opening game where he positioned his body beautifully to protect the ball, and used his first touch to create space to turn into and either run with the ball, or thread the ball into space behind.

    I think he’ll continue to improve this aspect of his with coaching and work in the weight-room, though I’d agree he’ll probably end up doing his best work coming in from the left side.

    It’s just nice to see a forward with a bit of variety to his game, even if it still needs a lot of polishing.
  11. reids

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    I have it on good authority that JP has started turning the heads of scouts for PL clubs. Probably too early for any bids to spring up before deadline day, but imagine he'll be watched a LOT by PL clubs this season.
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  12. Smudger

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    No surprise at all. His comfort with the ball and technique is exemplary and he is getting stronger and stronger. Just a shame we cannot put him into spots where he can win decisions or take high chance shots. We need to go up to hold onto him for next season and he will be off after that for a large sum like Richarlison.
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  13. carboy98

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    He is the real deal, it's clear. Especially now he's strengthened up a bit. Only question mark is his finishing, he's fluffed a fair few chances since being with us. Scored plenty in Brazil though.

    Big potential, still only 18 (for another week).

    Gone in January for £7m and a Twix
  14. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team Captain

    We dont want him to start scoring goals though, or else he'll be sold too.
  15. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

    Hogg-DEENEY!!! Squad Player

    Absolute genius plan to have him score the first of his 30 goals this season the moment the window slams shut
  16. He's way too raw for a PL club to be spending big on him anytime soon. Has great potential though, just needs a goal.
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  17. domthehornet

    domthehornet Moderator Staff Member

    A lot of potential in him with great movement and vision. When he starts scoring I think his performances will really come alive.
  18. The Voice of Reason

    The Voice of Reason First Team Captain

    He looks good in all situations except SHOOTING :( He can't hit the proverbial barn door at the moment, but hopefully once he gets a goal that might change :)
  19. davisp2

    davisp2 Reservist

    He’s looking really good, but is trying to hard to get a goal and appears to be snatching at chances. But at 18 he does look like some prospect
  20. Carpster

    Carpster Squad Player

    He's starting to show that he's capable of doing some of the ugly stuff too. His touch and his strength are what's pleasing so far. Hopefully he just needs a settled position for him to kick on. He looked much better after Perica came on. We just need to give him the ball in positions where he can get teams because he can certainly pick a pass. Imo he needs to play left of a three in a slightly deeper role so he can turn his opponents and attack the final third. So far I'm loving what I've seen of him and the more games he gets the better he will become. Added to that from what I've seen in Perica he looks very mobile for a big fella, can hold the ball up but is also more than capable of some nice one touch play. He's been desperately unlucky not to score so far but he's getting into those positions where he can. Both look very promising.
  21. domthehornet

    domthehornet Moderator Staff Member

    Corr just seem the miss when he was one one with the keeper, haven't had a finisher like that since Doyley.
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  22. Malteser2

    Malteser2 Reservist

    To make many of us feel old lol, today he became the first player born this century to score a competitive goal for us!

    And our youngest scorer since Chalobah back in 2012.
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  23. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

    Hogg-DEENEY!!! Squad Player

    I dare say a Championship game against the scum was in the plan, but he's already made a greater contribution to us than I could have imagined when we first signed him!
  24. The Voice of Reason

    The Voice of Reason First Team Captain

    Looks like he was just rusty like I said ;)
  25. wfcSinatra

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  26. luke_golden

    luke_golden Space Cadet

    He’s been good so far. Got himself in lots of good positions, even if the finishing hasn’t always been quite there, and his contribution to our build-up has been really impressive with some beautiful movement and ability to make space for himself.

    Clearly put the work in since he arrived in England and got himself in the right physical condition to withstand the English game.

    Being so young, no doubt he’ll have his ups and downs this season, but there’s a proper player in there. We might have a really good one here.
  27. Sort of OK

    Sort of OK Reservist

    Scored the winner and nutmegged two scummers in the first derby for 14 years. Already a legend.

    I think that goal will do wonders for his confidence and suspect he will start putting them away regularly now. Let's hope we can keep hold of him.
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  28. leighton buzzard horn

    leighton buzzard horn Squad Player

    Legendary status already for scoring past the filth. He's unquestionably talented and will no doubt be being watched.
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  29. Supertommymooney

    Supertommymooney Squad Player

    After that lovely goal against Derby, has he earned the right to inherit the Ighalo song yet?
  30. I Blame Pozzo

    I Blame Pozzo First Team

    Yes. I'd say so.
    I shall begin at once,accompanying myself on the washboard.
  31. WatfordTalk

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    Personally think he has more talent, and ability than Richarlison did when he was here. His first touch, his awareness and his movement are all excellent. Rich I think was more effective and imposed himself more on games, and of course at a higher level. But JP is 2+ years younger than Rich was at the time, so I think his ceiling may be even higher.

    It's found some proper duds but fair play to the scouting system for picking up JP, considering we bought him based on his performances for Fluminense reserve and youth sides as far as I'm aware.
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  32. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

    Hogg-DEENEY!!! Squad Player

    Wonder how much we'd have had to pay for him if we bought him in the January when he actually arrived here rather than bought him when we did?
  33. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

    Hogg-DEENEY!!! Squad Player

    As the first derby match-winner in over a decade, he can have whatever song he wants! That said, I'd like us to come up with a new one for him, not just a rehashed version of the classics. Hope he's still here by the time we're all allowed back in!
  34. Supertommymooney

    Supertommymooney Squad Player

    Plenty of time to write something before we are back at the Vic unfortunately!
  35. zztop

    zztop Eurovision Winner 2015

    Agree with this totally, I think he has the potential to be better than Richarlison. And I think that, at his age, this year in the Championship instead of the spotlight of the Premier League may be a bit of a blessing.

    I found Richarlison hard to like. As far as I can see, Pedro has a better attitude and a nicer personality.

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