[SIGNED loan] Henrique Araujo

Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by LeedsOrn, Jan 18, 2023.

  1. lowerrous

    lowerrous First Team

    More like they've been pestering me incessantly on here for much longer than that.
  2. Jumbolina

    Jumbolina First Team

    The accumulation of strange behavior the last few days is concerning - it's like he's had a trigger.
  3. lowerrous

    lowerrous First Team

    I reached the milestone of 10 years living in Germany a few days ago, and thought to myself - what better way to celebrate it than by lording it up on wfcforums?!
  4. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth First Team Captain

    I don't think any digs at the opinions of Smudger, a staff member, helps :) !
    I don't see any issue in digging up an old thread to point out that wonder-boy Araujo is still struggling back in Portugal where he was highly rated before joining us. I, and others I'm sure, were interested to hear that. Calling out a bunch of posters to tell them you were right and they were wrong, probably wasn't necessary and won't have won you any friends though, as always, I don't understand such an over-reaction to your posts. I'm sure if you'd called other posters "infantile" or "wierdo" you'd probably have been banned again.
    I always enjoy the detail of your posts and largely agree with your views.
    The more opinionated your are, the more others will enjoy knocking you down, so the more you enjoy pointing out when you're right, so the more others will react to that, and so it goes on....
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