Hamza Choudhury

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    I think he pretty much admitted there wasn't a lot of skill in his game!

    Cue the bloke scoring a 30 yarder then!
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    As far as Watford of last season goes, even a basic amount of effort wasn’t a pre requisite with most of them so I’m grateful to Hamza for at least giving that. One of three players to stay till the end and sign something for every single person who waited including my nephew so he has that too.
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    He was not the best technically but certainly one of the few who seemed to put the effort in most games. Having said that he managed to give the worst performance of the season of anyone in the first half at QPR.
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    Slipped by me how many controversies he's had: was punished in 2019 for writing racist/sexist tweets, was caught by Rodgers having a party with a few Leicester team-mates which broke lockdown rules at the time and has apparently cheated on his wife multiple times.

    What a ****.
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  10. Relegation Certs

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    If he had a short back and sides he'd be playing league 1 football.

    See also: David Luiz
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    If he has cheated on his wife I'm sure it was accidental
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