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Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by hornmeister, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Amersham CC

    Amersham CC Academy Graduate

    You seem to spend your life on multiple platforms slagging off Watford Football Club, I prefer WFC in my life to follow with passion. I said at least 6 signings we’ve currently had 7. Yes as outlined I hope for more and will be very upset if no business is done within the next 48hrs.
  2. Burnsy

    Burnsy First Team

    I’m just pointing out the lie YOU made - and repeatedly backed up. Baffled how you have taken that as me ‘slagging off Watford Football Club’.

    Much less how you think I do it on ‘multiple platforms’ given I’ve barely said a word on here all summer and my Twitter has actually been used to call out criticisms of Ismael and the team since the season started - I’ve been supportive! I just think people who go to extreme ends on either end (like you and Uncle Ron) should be brave enough to stand up when people poke several realistic holes into your nonsense. But you’re not - so instead decide to make up more nonsense like you have here.

    We all know you made it up about ‘5-6 quality players’ - just like we know you made it up about Duxbury telling you we were signing a RWB just because he was celebrating a goal.
  3. Carpster

    Carpster Squad Player

    I'm not sure if any of the ITK people on here have been very successful with their information this summer. I got caught out by some Chelsea clown giving me plenty of BS. Btw I'm certainly not saying I'm ITK far from it infact.
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  4. Amersham CC

    Amersham CC Academy Graduate

    I’ve explained the RWB situation on several occasions and won’t again. I said 6 signing which we’ve already surpassed what I didn’t realise was however many players (and I’m glad they did) would be leaving. I hope with every fibre that I hold that we do some further business in the next 48 hrs as I think they’re badly needed. If we can get some quality in from Udinese’s bloated squad I don’t see a problem in that. Regarding you slagging off Watford FC this is an observation from reading many of your posts over a long period of time. You have trolled me on another platform also and you have always made negative remarks to anything positive I have posted. I never asked you to follow me.
  5. Burnsy

    Burnsy First Team

    Which is totally fair - but I don’t think any of the people on here who do know bits and pieces have doubled down on it. Most caveat what they say to a decent level and don’t use it to talk other people down.

    The situation above has come about because the person in question was replying to people on social media who were sceptical about our summer business, almost belittling their opinions because he claimed he was told by Giaretta we were signing a lot of quality players.

    If he had said - ‘I spoke with Giaretta and I’m reasonably confident in our business model this summer but let’s see how it goes’, fair one. But when he told people straight up they were talking nonsense, that’s always going to get brought up.
  6. Burnsy

    Burnsy First Team

    Well it’s a poor observation you’ve made because it’s not at all accurate. And I haven’t trolled you - I have read your comments before and left many well alone - but when you talk nonsense, it’s on a public platform, it’s there to be replied to and pulled apart.

    And I’m glad you won’t try and explain the RWB thing again - it was excruciating reading the first time given how preposterous it was.

    Have a good evening. Let’s pray for those 6 quality signings.
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  7. Amersham CC

    Amersham CC Academy Graduate

  8. Amersham CC

    Amersham CC Academy Graduate

    I think not a poor observation however happy to let others judge. We have already made 7 signings from the point I outlined 6. Yes I hope for more in the next 48hrs as I have already stated. You did troll me as you followed me and commented on my every tweet at no point did I follow you. Thankfully I’ve now blocked you. Are you back on here merely as a ban has been lifted?
  9. folkestone orn

    folkestone orn Squad Player

    Earned his move away to a top team. Hopefully others join with this in mind.
  10. Burnsy

    Burnsy First Team

  11. Amersham CC

    Amersham CC Academy Graduate

    Classic answer when there is no defence. Good night sir.
  12. Burnsy

    Burnsy First Team

    Given you’ve admitted you block people when you can’t defend your points, I’d say that’s quite the comment!

    The reality is there was nothing of substance to reply to. Just more lies, nonsense and inaccuracies.

    I’m done killing brain cells engaging with you. I’ll let others pick the bones as the window draws to a close and you’re further exposed.
  13. Amersham CC

    Amersham CC Academy Graduate

    We have exceeded the amount of signings I outlined we would make nothing to pick any bones out of. No lies have ever been made. You carry on disliking the club immensely and I’ll carry on supporting them.
  14. WatfordTalk

    WatfordTalk First Team

    Missed you Burnsy x
  15. Jumbolina

    Jumbolina First Team

    Your credibility is zero. Unfortunately we all know how much you like the sound of your own voice so I doubt you will dial it down.
  16. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth First Team Captain

    Only a true ITK would deny his divinity:)
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  17. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever Administrator Staff Member

    Can tell it’s the school holidays ..

    Isn’t it quality over quantity really ?

    Are the 5/6 or what signings we have made going to br good value ?

    At the moment doesn’t look like it but we will see .

    Not expecting anyone else to sign tbh.
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  18. Amersham CC

    Amersham CC Academy Graduate

    Oh thought you would pipe up….another regime hater of Watford FC!
  19. ProfessorAbdi

    ProfessorAbdi First Year Pro

    Wait, I'm a bit slow. Is @Amersham CC the famous Wendover from
  20. Malteser2

    Malteser2 Reservist

    Maybe I’m alone but I often find myself yearning for the old days where you could sign players right up until March.

    The transfer windows were seemingly created with good intentions but actually all they’ve become is a circus, a beast created for the media which then in turn fuels the hype. They play with the expectations of supporters and create unrealistic expectations.

    Tomorrow we all know most of us will end up disappointed. If we miraculously do sign a couple of players, we will all cry that we needed three. If we sign three, we will have wanted four. And so on. Social media and this forum will not be a happy place. The hype over the window shutting makes most supporters forget about the work done earlier in the summer. I hate it and wish we could go back to the old system.
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  21. Jumbolina

    Jumbolina First Team

    I’ll only reinforce Burnsy’s point once to avoid clogging up the thread. Your constant hectoring of others on twitter that there would be 5 or 6 further “quality signings” was AFTER Ince, Martins and Healey had been signed. Numerous people told you the finances were bleak due to mismanagement and it wasn’t possible yet on you went for 6 weeks.

    Presuming you don’t count Livermore (lol) as a quality signing, I’ll give you Lewis ignoring his fitness issue. Personally I count the other pair as speculative punts, not quality, but even if we give you those you are 2 to 3 short going into deadline day.

    Your hopes now rest on a couple of Udinese cast offs on deadline day who ware unlikely to meet the brief.

    Given your previous bluster you’d be well advised to

    A) just admit you were wrong, rather than double down with some dishonest portrayal of the timing of your twitter nonsense, and

    B) stop lecturing people on twitter who are rightly furious at the continued direction of travel under this wretched owner.

    You have been lied to by the club’s hierarchy. There is no shame in that as it’s second nature to them. Just don’t be the “useful fool” who trumpets their agenda constantly.
  22. fuzzy73

    fuzzy73 Squad Player

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  23. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team Captain

    Unfamous :D
  24. I Blame Pozzo

    I Blame Pozzo First Team

    "We're broke and we know we are.."
  25. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team Captain

    We're broke as in having no money, and we're broke as in unrepairable. After 11 years, Gino has finally driven us to the precipice. It's been a hell of a ride though.
  26. Amersham CC

    Amersham CC Academy Graduate

  27. Amersham CC

    Amersham CC Academy Graduate

    Absolute nonsense. You and your mate and the majority of the negativity on social media are the minority. The majority who are happy with the Pozzo regime are largely silent. Incorrect the only business we had done at the time the point was made re incomings was Healy. Anyway and I wouldn’t be back on here and should have stayed away although was particularly annoyed by an ultra negative and incorrect post regarding our finances that has stimulated all this. I wish you all the best on this forum and wish you could stay positive.
  28. Burnsy

    Burnsy First Team

    One can only imagine that after supplying all the iPads and pens, someone asked Giaretta to provide a ‘useful idiot’ to spout lies on Twitter regarding the clubs summer transfer business.

    And then look who walked into the pointless ‘Please talk to us Gino’ event…
  29. Cassetti's Beard.

    Cassetti's Beard. Academy Graduate


    We signing anyone then or not?
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  30. Amersham CC

    Amersham CC Academy Graduate

    Pointless! if you knew the amount of work that was put into making that happen you’d be amazed …. hours and hours. To call it pointless very disappointing, disheartening and incorrect. Anyway I said I’m staying away however thought that I must come back on that.
  31. dynamo380

    dynamo380 Reservist

    Stop de-railing the thread!!
  32. Del Payne's Left Sock

    Del Payne's Left Sock Academy Graduate

    OK Kiddies, the window closes tomorrow and you can all stop trying to be more ITK than anyone else. You can then have an "internet argument" over whose Dad is harder. I'm sure you'll all find a nice window to go back to licking come Saturday.
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  33. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team Captain

    Greg....I can see you've boxed yourself into a corner, but instead of digging a deeper hole, you're going to have to come clean at some point and hold your hands up to say....yes, the club have made a fool of me (or words to that effect). Whenever that time is for you, that's your business, but to retain any credibility in the social media world you partake in, I think you're going to have to walk that path.

    Don't get me wrong, I actually enjoy your debates with Uncle's box office, but really what is there to be positive about? Is it just a default opinion you're just going to stick to come what may? I used to be a big advocate of Gino Pozzo. I could see all his faults and intentions directed mainly to benefit the Pozzo's and Udinese, but on the back of that Watford would also be successful and that was a concession I was prepared to accept. But now after the gross mismanagement over a number of years leading to a massive debt levied on the club, I feel it's disingenuous to wholeheartedly support the hierarchy anymore. For me, they've got to prove themselves once more, as 2019 is a long time ago now (in football terms).

    There has been an apparent change in direction this summer, but that has to lead somewhere. People will look at the clear-out as a good thing, but it's only a good thing if suitable replacements are signed. I would argue, with good reason, this has not happened. I like very much the work Ismael is doing, but he's got to be given the tools for the job. A threadbare squad, low on quality is not really going to help him. I think most would agree this is the worst squad any head coach has had under the Pozzo's, and yet he's still expected to lead a playoff push.

    Of course there is debt to consider and this is the reason I've seen put forward why we're not spending too much. But the Pozzo ownership, after 11 years, has placed us in a precarious position. We never had this level of debt before they took over. How can an ownership that has does this to us really be trusted to get us out of it? Also, just by some rough calculations, we've brought in £64m in this window alone, and released/loaned/sold 23 that's also a huge saving on salary budget. I don't believe for one second we've only had a budget of under £2m. That's not possible as the numbers don't add up. Yet, so far, that's all we've invested. It seems to me that's this is a cost-cutting clear-out rather than a rebuild. There's very little rebuilding going on. 3 loans, 2 or 3 journeymen and a punt is hardly a rebuild is it?

    So, under all this, which is mostly fact, why should fans feel positive?
  34. GoingDown

    GoingDown "The Stability"

    Who’s Greg?
  35. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team Captain

    upload_2023-8-31_9-32-38.jpeg upload_2023-8-31_9-32-49.jpeg upload_2023-8-31_9-33-5.jpeg upload_2023-8-31_9-33-21.jpeg upload_2023-8-31_9-33-34.jpeg upload_2023-8-31_9-34-4.jpeg upload_2023-8-31_9-34-38.jpeg
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