Ben Wilmot

Discussion in 'Former Players Archive' started by Smudger, May 26, 2018.

  1. UEA_Hornet

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    Difficult to say in the current market. Maybe £3m plus a healthy sell on clause?
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  2. Steve Leo Beleck

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    Exactly this. He was unlucky that we had four other centre backs that were better than him but we had a job to do and couldn't take the risk. There are some good things in his play and he's always very positive but can't see him getting any game time next season. Permanent move to a top half Championship team best for all parties probably.
  3. ForzaWatford

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    Think he'll probably be a PL player eventually, but haven't seen anything to suggest he's any better than lower-half championship atm. I reckon he'll end up having a similar career to Craig Cathcart.
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  4. Markoa$

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    Any selling of Wilmot needs to include a buy back clause. He will be a top 10 team Prem defender one day, you can see it already.

    Defensively he’s not far off Ekong’s stats per 90. He’s been completely mismanaged in my opinion and should have been given more opportunities. Selling him will come back to bite us, that’s why a buy back clause is a must.

    In my opinion he’s much more suited to the Prem than the Championship with his style of play. With Cathcart another year older, now 32, and Kaba just turning 30 a few months ago, selling Wilmot makes no sense.

    Ekong needs to cut out passing across the back. In the championship we got away with it multiple times. In the Prem, he will be getting 1 assist every game for the opposition.
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  5. davisp2

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    To be fair most of the forum were wanting to throw their season tickets at the owners last year when we sold Pervis, Suraez and Doucoure for healthy profits. None of those players wanted to be at the club, so it seems pointless forcing unhappy players to stay.
  6. luke_golden

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    I’ve been critical of our approach to the development of young players, but I’m not sure Wilmot falls into that category, honestly.

    We arranged a good loan for him, with a manager who knew him from the international setup, and he performed reasonably well, without holding down a starting spot for any length of time.

    He was given first team opportunities last season, and did reasonably well in a back three, but wasn’t fancied by Munoz for whatever reason. Given we achieved promotion on the back of our defensive strength, I’m happy enough to back Munoz on this one. Not sure Wilmot did enough to justify playing ahead of any of those who got minutes over him toward the end of the season.

    Clearly the player wasn’t happy, and wanted out. For me, it’s better we let him go, and put this down to a young player who wasn’t quite good enough at the time, without the patience perhaps needed to develop and bide his time.
  7. lowerrous

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    Yeah sure, that's why lots of Premier League clubs were lining up to purchase him, like they have been with Nathan Collins, and Ben White when he was at a similar age in the Champ.
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  8. Carpster

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    Do you honestly believe he will be a Premier league player?
    Like any young player we've had and do have I want them to do well and thrive, I just can't see it with Ben. He looks to physically weak. I suppose we can judge his progress next season and see if it was a wise decision. I personally believe it's the right choice for him and the club to move on.
  9. nascot

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    Gone to Stoke, 4 year deal.
  10. wfcSinatra

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    Strange one as I thought The Championship is where he would play yet couldn't even get on the bench towards the end but can't say he ever stood out as particularly great when watching him. Best of luck to him.
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  11. simpleMASH

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