[RUMOUR] Akim Zedadka

Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by Carpster, Jan 16, 2024.

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    Yesterday on here I posted:

    "Not sure it makes much sense for us to add another young prospect to be back-up to Andrews, unless we're really just focused on player trading rather than league position. A more experienced player who is a bit more solid defensively to balance out Andrews' attacking verve might be more sensible from an on the pitch perspective."

    And he seems exactly that. So makes sense.
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    Sorry didn't see your post
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    No need to apologise - I wasn't saying that in reference to you. My post was more just that it's cool the club are apparently going for the kind of profile of player I think we need.
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    As my French mother said to me, when my car was off the road, do not worry, mon petit choux, take ze dad car.
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    I’d say it’s essential that another RFB/RWB comes in. JN can’t be relied on, he always picks up long term injuries after a run of games. He’s OOC in the summer and will be off. We can’t burn young Ryan Andrews out, he’s playing in a very high intensity role and must be mindful of his age. For me he’s probably the next cab on the rank for a large incoming fee eventually.
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    Prefer his brother Neil.
  8. Comment directed at the article author:
    "Hanif arrête de collaborer avec cet agent qui veut promouvoir ses joueurs avec des infos bidons. Bizarre quand même : Watford - Lorient - Metz.... Quel est le chainon manquant ? Mogi Bayat.

    Tu es démasqué"

    "Stop being a shill for Mogi Bayat. Your mask has slipped".
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    Classic @Jumbolina
  10. IRB

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    Classic bantz. I love you guys.

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