Werewolf XVII - Day 5

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    The wolf sniffed the air. Its tongue lolled out its mouth. It could taste the fear, and oh how it loved fear.

    It approached the front door of the doctors office and knocked once. 'GO AWAY MIKED2006!' came the shouted response. The wolf laughed....a long cruel laugh before kicking the door down in one attempt. The heavy wooden door thudded down and the light from inside the doctors surgery shone out into the street. The wolf heard the sound of doors closing, and smiling charged into the building. It looked left and right but could not see his prey. 'Oh Harrow, how i love a game of hide and seek!' Ahead of him lay a corridor.

    The wolf strained its ears forwards listening. He could just about hear some shallow raking breaths. He padded softly forwards. He passed several doors coming to rest outside the practices clinic room. 'Come out, come out, wherever you are harrow?' The wolf pushed the door gently open. Harrow was crouching underneath the examination table. He squealed at the sight of the wolf and tried to run, but the wolf was quicker than him and grabbed him by the throat pulling him out from under the table. He slammed Harrow down on the table, breaking Harrows neck. The doctor paralysed could not move below the neck, but his head turned desperately for help.

    The wolf wandered over to a nearby cupboard grabbing a 100ml syringe and a bottle of magnesium. 'What you dont know about me Doc, is that I always had a fascination with chemistry.' He drew up a full syringe of the magnesium and approached the doctor. 'Now Doc.......this will hurt!' With that he injected the magnesium straight into Harrow's heart. Harrow's eyes went wide, and then shot into the top of his head. He gasped a few times but could not manage a breath. The wolf watched, smiling. 'I told you I would get you!' he whispered into Harrows ear. Harrows head lolled to one side. He was dead. Harrow was good.

    Meanwhile the other wolf had made its way to 352's house. The Newsagent sat outside in a deck chair, a machete dangling from his right hand. The wolf approached cautiously. 'I knew you would come! I'll not make it easy for you though.' 352 spoke calmly. The wolf cocked its head, such courage, in a human. It was surprised. Part of him admired the man, after all he had once been of his kin until that fated night of the full moon, but he knew he must finish this. He stopped 2 metres short of the human. 352 rose from his seat, flexing his arms and having a few practice swings with the machete. 'You want me Monster, then come get me!' The wolf growled and leapt forwards. 352, with surprising agility dived to the left and the wolf crashed into the deck chair.

    Lights turned on in a nearby house. The wolf turned again and lunched at 352, who again avoided the strike but this time swung his machete. The blade cut deep into the wolfs arm. The wolf howled in agony. Dark blood oozed from the wound. 352 smiled, and allowed himself to relax. A massive error, as the wolf swung around catching 352 with a clenched fist, the newsagent flew backwards slamming into the wall of the house. The wolf, approached, blood still dripping from its wounded arm. 352 lay slumped against the wall, panting.

    The wolf was about to go for the killing blow, when CRASH! A shovel slammed across the back of the wolfs head. The wolf crumbled to the ground. Behind him stood Ashdon, the milkman. He smiled at 352. 'I thought you were never going to hit him!' muttered 352. 'I owe you one.' Ashdon smiled, 'Nah, dont worry about it mate. I slept with your wife once, we're even!' He laughed. Despite himself 352, closed his eyes and chuckled.

    A warm fluid suddenly hit 352 in the face. Spluttering he opened his eyes. Ashdon still stood in front of him, a smile still on his face, but no life in his eyes. A ragged hole had appeared in the middle of his chest. Ashdon slumped forwards dead. Ashdon was good.

    The alpha wolf stood looking at 352, cruelty etched on its face. At its feet the other wolf whimpered, slowly rising from the ground. 'Sorry Master,' muttered Meh!. 'I didn't see him coming.' Miked2006 growled. 'You are weak, you are not worthy of this gift yet. You will learn. Now finish him!' Meh! rounded to face 352. The latter was too exhausted to fight any longer. Meh! knelt in front of him. 'You fought well, die well!' He whispered. A single tear rolled down 352's face......

    352 was good.

    Evil has won.
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