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  2. I also wouldn't take any chances with inquisitive kids. I sharp blow over the head with a shovel will stop their inquisitive arses in their tracks and teach them to be more cautious in such a dangerous land.
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    Ok, forgot you are not in the UK. :)
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    Ah, the Paulus Mursonus. It's natural habitat of course is the glass mountains of England, so no wonder it's angry if encountered in your neck of the woods.
  5. hornmeister

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    You know those ones that Merson keeps going on about that like to like on glass pyramids.

    I ran over a snake in a golf buggy once. To clarify I was in the buggy, not the snake. I think it was already dead.
  6. Deloittes.
    Worst ****ing auditors on the planet.
    Useless bunch of arrogant ****wits.
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  7. WillisWasTheWorst

    WillisWasTheWorst Its making less grammar mistake's thats important

    You might see a snake in a golf buggy in the Merseyside area...
  8. hornmeister

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    Can you just check this is correct?
    Yes it is correct I checked it last year, taken from the terms and conditions document.
    Can you call them up and verify
    Called up, verified, confirmed.
    Can you get this is writing.
    Yes if the above isn't enough for you.

    Why haven't you done x y & z?
    because you've got had me triplicating unnecessary work all morning.
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    Due to two no shows on my flight from Heathrow yesterday, we were delayed an hour taking off as they had to remove those passengers' luggage. I missed my connection to Lima so had to spend a night in Miami, due to nearly 40 other people missing the same connection everyone is getting rerouted on various routes to get to Lima, I'm not waiting to fly to Colombia to get a connection to Lima.
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    The phrase 'a raft of....' as in 'the Prime Minister announces a raft of new policies to help solve the UK's problems.'

    Also, putting the word 'gate' after any slightly controversial situation involving lies & denial, as in 'foodgate' when someone keeps nicking milk from the office fridge.
  11. Windows ****ing updates. Couldn’t use work laptop for over 4 hours this morning. “2% completed, 3% complete etc” plus the message “do not turn off your computer” as presumably your computer would be left in a pc no mans land and can thrown in the nearest skip.
    Hence the ridiculous number of posts on this forum by iPhone just to kill time.
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  12. Araftofnewpoliciestohelpsolvetheuk'sproblemsgate.
  13. Sting

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    Thank goodness you were not in the snake.
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    Online-only companies that are hard to get answers from. But still ask if there's anything else they can help you with.

    I've been trying to get a response from one of the online cashback websites as to why a purchase I did has been declined, after they said a month ago it was all hunky dory. So I filled out the online form and was told to expect a response within 24 hours. Fine, no fuss. But two hours or so later an automated 'maybe these help articles' can assist email plopped into my inbox and that was it. The articles didn't help and they'd closed the ticket.

    So I decided to use their online chat instead. They've been on the ball in the past. Plus the issue isn't complex and I could easily copy and paste the two or three lines of text to show what was confusing me.

    I get speaking to 'Antony':

    ( 1m 32s ) Antony: Hi there
    ( 1m 35s ) UEA: Hello
    ( 1m 56s ) UEA: Can you clarify what's gone on with my Virgin Media cashback please?
    ( 2m 43s ) UEA: It originally didn't track, so I made an untracked cashback claim which was successful. I think it updated last month and appeared in my Activity page. But then this week the cashback now shows as declined.
    ( 3m 17s ) Antony: Unfortunately at the moment we haven't received the cashback from the retailer, so I do apologise that this is taking longer than we'd usually expect. Our payments team are already doing all they can to chase this up for you.
    ( 4m 24s ) UEA: Ok, so why is it not showing in my tracked cashback total? Quite confusing.
    ( 4m 55s ) Antony: Claims don't show in this amount
    ( 5m 35s ) UEA: Ok - but it 100% was after the claim was successful in July. It's only this week it's been removed.
    ( 6m 1s ) UEA: So the claim has been successful and the cashback is still tracking as normal, awaiting payment?
    ( 6m 11s ) Antony: Yes
    ( 6m 16s ) Antony: Is there anything else I can look into for you?
    ( 7m 2s ) UEA: Yes, are you able to explain why it says it has been declined on 7 Aug?
    ( 7m 6s ) UEA: please
    ( 7m 29s ) UEA: "Unfortunately your cashback has been declined. There is a cashback claim for this purchase. For updates please refer to the claim with Claim id: XXXXXX" is what it says
    ( 7m 37s ) UEA: and that Claim ID was the one that was 'successful'
    ( 8m 55s ) Antony: As per the rest of this conversation that transaction is nothing to worry about it be the claim you would look at
    ( 10m 31s ) UEA: But the claim says to check the activity tab, which says declined.
    ( 11m 8s ) UEA: the status was only updated 2 days ago
    ( 11m 29s ) Antony: Again this what you would look at
    ( 12m 6s ) UEA: Sorry, but on that page it says "Great news! Your claim has been successful. All that's left is for the retailer to pass the cashback on to us with the next few weeks. You can keep up to date with this in your Activity tab"
    ( 12m 23s ) UEA: so i go to the activity tab and it says "Unfortunately your cashback has been declined. There is a cashback claim for this purchase. For updates please refer to the claim with Claim id: XXXXXXX Purchase ID: XXXXXXX Purchase Amount: £1.00 Status Update: 07 Aug 19"
    ( 12m 54s ) UEA: I've been using Quidco for years and this is the first time I've seen this happen, hence me getting in touch
    ( 14m 20s ) Antony: Thanks for your feedback
    ( 15m 7s ) Antony: This activity has changed recently
    ( 15m 13s ) Antony: Is there anything else I can help with today?
    ( 16m 3s ) UEA: I don't understand what "this activity has changed recently" means?
    ( 17m 4s ) Antony: The look of the activity has been updated
    ( 17m 21s ) UEA: you mean the way it is presented on your website and app?
    ( 17m 34s ) Antony: Yes
    ( 17m 56s ) Antony: that what the look, view or presented means
    ( 19m 20s ) Antony: As I haven't heard from you for a little while I'll close this chat now, but please come back to us if you have any further queries. Enjoy the rest of your day!

    I particularly appreciated the sarcastic finale. And then, while I was working out how to politely call him a ****, he ended the chat from his end.

    Am I being stupid? Was his explanation clear? Seemed like it boiled down to 'trust me' (I don't) and then he realised their own system was contradicting him so bailed on me. It's £120 so I'm not inclined to take his word for anything.
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    Autobot mate

  16. Robert Peel

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    The end of a holiday.

    Please take me back to Serbia or Italy (Macedonia I can live without).
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  17. PhilippineOrn

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    The smell of flower shops. Flowers never smelled that good to me anyway, and a whole shop full of them....sooner buy my wife chocolates.

    While I'm on shops the spate of milk tea shops that have opened in the last few years. The product is ok I guess, not my cup of tea (hardy ha) but if you want to pay through the nose for a weird sounding name of tea then it's fine. It's just the sudden proliferation of these shops. Is it a Japanese or Korean invention?? Who knows, three years ago there were none and now there are four on every street corner. The very word tea lends itself to all sorts of original and masterful names for these shops: AffiniTea; High SocieTea, there is even a Tea Tea Top (yeah, I wouldn't go in there on principle either).
  18. Maninblack

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    Defeat on the first day of the new season. All the the excitement and anticipation of a fresh start gone in less than 90 minutes.
  19. Sounds more like a Decepticon.
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  20. hornmeister

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    I pity the fool who runs a tea shop and doesn't call it Mr. Tea
  21. The "fairytale" that is Salford City FC.

    Fairytale my arse.
  22. Hornpete

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    Videos of people falling over/doing something wierd/fails v wins etc. With a person (who probably puts youtuber/vlogger down as occupation) commenting/reacting to the original video in a selfie video in the corner. [Man falls off ladder but lands on horse] "oh em gee, did that... Wow, he just landed on a horse! A horse? OMG." **** off.
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    Marketing speak

    eg: "we’re moving to a new service which leverages the two leading cloud-based authentication solutions"

    translation - "we're changing the way you log on to our website".

    I bet some marketing graduate had a right spaff over that sentence.
  24. "Bake off".
    Inane sexual innuendo drivel banter while contestants try to bake a cake or a biscuit. Thought I could sit patiently through it, ignoring it whilst adorning this forum with my wisdom. Couldn't bear it after 5 minutes and chose to sit on the stairs for an hour (the rest of the ground floor was out of bounds as the cat had earlier treated us to her largest smelliest turd in the litter tray which was still leaving it's mark hours after being removed. All day in the garden but a special trip indoors to use the indoor lavy !!!).
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    Could you not have read a book? Listened to some music?
  26. I thought I could occupy myself with my tablet but the irritation of the utter crapness of the background banter was overwhelming. Maybe I could have stomached it if I had had headphones handy...
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  28. wfcmoog

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    Indeed. that sounds very much like an RPA powered chatbot.
  29. wfcmoog

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    I've always associated "milk tea" with Indian and Pakistani people. When I worked with them they would microwave a cup of milk and steep a teabag in it, but they would explain it was not a full satisfying version. The preference was for something brewed for hours in a big cauldron to share amongst the family.

    The other thing that's popped up - boba, or bubble tea. tea with some sort of fruit floating in it. Korean I think?
  30. Cthulhu

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    Think it’s tapaoca in the bubble tea?
  31. Bwood_Horn

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    The first time I used Vilnius University's valgykla (canteen) I decided not to buy my tea but use the communal samovaras for a free one. I didn't realise that the tiny teapot on top was filled with čifiras (not so much strong but narcotic strength) and I was supposed to dilute a small measure of it with fresh boiling water (95:5) and not drink a 300 ml glass 'neat'. I was "...out of it..." for 8 hours and couldn't sleep for two days...
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  32. wfcmoog

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    Yes, I understand that the Russian way is to make a tea concentrate in a samovar and then water it down. Like orange squash. This practice must have spread to the Baltics.
  33. Bwood_Horn

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    You could have told me this 24 years ago.
  34. wfcmoog

    wfcmoog Tinpot

    I was still drinking Lipton Tea from powder, 24 years ago. My tea drinking journey has progressed since.
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    Other people
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