The Lazy Wolf List ( Banned players)

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    This thread is split into three sections. The Currently Banned, the Formerly Banned and the Permanently Banned.

    Users in the Currently Banned section have recently been judged unacceptably inactive, and are unable to presently participate in Werewolf. At the conclusion of the next game, their name will be moved to the Formerly Banned section.

    Users in the Formerly Banned category are players who have previously served a 1 game ban due to unacceptable inactivity, but are currently able to participate in games of Werewolf. If players in this category are judged a second time to have been unacceptably inactive, then they will be moved to the Permanently Banned section.

    Users in the Permanently Banned section have been judged unacceptably inactive more than once, and as such will NEVER be able to participate in a Werewolf game.

    In order to be judged unacceptably inactive, you will have had to have not voted in the day thread despite signing up and committing to a game, and repeated reminders from a moderator, without a valid reason. What constitutes a valid reason is at the discretion of the moderator.

    No amount of pleading or bargaining will get your name removed, unless the rules are permanently changed by a Werewolf Mod, so don't try it. Users in the Permanently Banned section can truly consider their ban from Werewolf permanent.

    Currently Banned:


    Formerly Banned:


    Permanently banned:

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