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    Er, don't you think, given the fact we have been out of the EU for two years now, that you ought to be trying to explain how rejoining the EU will resurrect UK manufacturing?

    Leavers don't need to explain anything because we are where we are. The scenario we desired is that we disassociate ourselves from the EU, and take advantage where we can. That is the Brexit we voted for.

    Remainers are still trying to hold a post mortem using the same old, same old arguments that have been made for the last ten years or more. The rest of us have moved on and are attempting to make the best of it.

    Perhaps it would be advisable for remainers to do the same, because we would certainly do better all moving in the same direction.
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    That since joining a particular industry, in the late seventies early eighties, he has seen much of the UK element get devalued and shipped off to Eastern Europe.

    It couldn't really have been any clearer.
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    Not sure Eastern Europe had anything to do with the critical period of the collapse of UK manufacturing. The industry I worked in was much more impacted by Japanese manufacturing from outside Europe and Germany from within. This was primarily in late '70s and through the '80s. A large reason for both phenomena was the comparative horrendously inefficient manufacturing processes in UK, driven by a systemic lack of real investment since the end of WW2. Once the Thatcher government's initial (and I feel you may be correct in saying) necessary recalibration of industrial relations, things veered into a dogmatic insistence not to help 'lame duck' British industry, happily ignoring the unpleasant fact that nearly all of it was in the 'lame duck' category.
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    A lot of the disadvantages suffered by the UK you list are a consequence of it being an island. It's probably why England/Britain was normally a second-rate power in Europe until it evolved into a leading maritime power in the 17th century.

    I notice you don't suggest any trade-off between the negatives of the logistical challenges presented to the UK within the EU and the benefits of tariff-free access to a massive market that is logistically much less challenging for the UK than such markets as USA/Asia-Pacific etc.

    Good to see you allowing Thatcher, an arch free-marketeer, her true place in the history of all this.
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    Sorry. I was just explaining to SLB the point that La Tempesta was making, that apparently could not be gleaned from the post he was replying to.

    I am making absolutely no judgement on the comment Tempesta made, only noting it as another example of the wealth of personal experiences reflected upon in the forum, and accepting it as an honest interpretation of what he saw happen.

    If you wish to question what he said, or his memory of events, please take it up with him.
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    1. Twitter
    2. She clearly missed out on the cushy job for life she was expecting after selling her soul to Brexit. Someone who, genuinely, did not know what Brexit the UK voted for, but was prepared to bet her career on it anyway
    3. She lost her bet
    4. Twitter
    5. Bitter
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    Thanks but I don't need anything explained to me by someone that was an enthusiastic and unquestioning supporter of Sidney Powell and various other conspiracy theories.
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    Clearly you did need someone to explain it. because you missed the point completely.

    I was just being helpful.
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    What a hideously ill informed and absurdly one-sided argument.

    Here's an article that tells something a little more akin to 'the whole story', which indicates that the UK is acting entirely in keeping with EU laws, and entirely in parallel with the EU, who, as the above article itself has to grudgingly admit, do permit use of these chemicals. They are not banned, and the EU left a pathway to their use that they have no intention of closing.

    Should still be used? I don't think so.

    Should people use them as a political cudgel to beat the UK as morally inferior to the EU, who created the rules which we followed, and whose members also exploit them?

    Nah. Criticise both parties, or none. But don't be so partisan as to criticise one for doing what the other does, particularly when that other created the laws we are following, until we come up with something better.
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    Look at everything you buy
    "Made in King Kong" Not in E.U. ..... currently
    Whether we are in the organisation for failed politicians or not .
    In or out means sweet F.A. for those who are poor cos visa/paper work issues for foreign jollys don't count
    Unless someone can tell me otherwise ?
    The floor is yours .....
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    The enormous two year delay before you were able to say this is noted.

    EXCLUSIVE: More delays!!

    This has been, allegedly, going on since 1 January.

    Q: What was the delay that led to it not being reported until now?

    A: That was a lie, it wasn't actually going on.

    It will be interesting to see how long the queues are in a few days. Maybe even tomorrow.

    Also interesting to note that in every article, the "Brexit to blame" claim is in quotes, and no-one actually knows what is causing the delay.

    Peoples concerns are absolutely fair. But queuing in Dover is hardly something we haven't seen before, particularly when French customs and dock workers get a little agitated.

    Such things are a risk whether or not we are members of the EU.
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    update on this, and sorry but it is another kick in the balls for “project fear”, this time two years after Brexit happened.

    Turns out, when newspapers stop bull splitting, they do sometimes actually get around to asking someone who knows, even if they still have to quote angry “remainer” drivers so as not to completely lose face.

    Delays down to a spike in freight traffic. That would be a sharp increase in exports to the EU, for those who do not understand remainer speak.

    So it’s actually a Brexit good news story.

    So, remainers have got their queues at Dover, Brexiteers have got a spike in exports, every body’s happy!
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    I can tell you otherwise. 50% of UK imports are from the EU.

    Everythibg is not made in china. Clearly not even the majority.
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    Your source is out of date. It has repeatedly been reported, over the last year, that imports from outside the EU had exceeded those coming from the bloc.

    I can't say if that was sustained or not, but certainly it is an indication that the EU's advantage has diminished.
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    Well, well...

  23. Yeah, but at least we'll be able to choose which marginal Tory constituencies it gets spent in...
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    If this whistleblower is to be believed, there is a concerted effort to shift the blame from Brexit but everyone knows it's the main cause of the current issues:
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    Brexit queues visible from space!!

    My Dad's old car was visible on my drive, from space, back in the sixties.

    Or are we supposed to think the guys in the ISS suddenly woke up one morning, looked out the window and screamed "WTF's that hanging out the back of Dover?"
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  31. Brexit benefits paper is out. https://assets.publishing.service.g...ment_data/file/1051323/benefits-of-brexit.pdf

    And, I shiitt thee nay, the headline benefits include:

    ● Reintroduced our iconic blue passports. All new British passports are now blue, a return to their original appearance, with the colour first introduced in 1921, and updated to be the most technologically-advanced and secure British passports ever, with the carbon footprint from their manufacture reduced to net zero.
    ● Reviewing the EU ban on imperial markings and sales. This will give businesses and consumers more choice over the measurements they use. The Benefits of Brexit: How we the UK is taking advantage of leaving the EU 7 Imperial units like pounds and ounces are widely valued in the UK and are a core part of many people’s British identity.
    ● Enabling businesses to use a crown stamp symbol on pint glasses. The Crown Stamp is a proud emblem of our heritage that people remain fond of. We have begun the process of allowing it to be used once again, a fitting tribute to Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee
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    No. You you are shiiiiitting us.

    Those points are numbers 12, 13 and 14 of fourteen points made.

    They are not headlines, they are the butt cheeks of the benefit bullet points.

    Thank you for debunking your own post in your link though.
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    And, as we all know, blue passports and crowns on pint glasses were perfectly legitimate whilst we were in the EU. Pound and ounces were also legitimate if displayed alongside kg weights.
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