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  1. UEA_Hornet

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    Interesting that Luke Dowling was the intermediary who put out feelers to gauge his interest in the job. I only got as far as the bit where it crashed though and then gave up.
  2. RS2

    RS2 Reservist

    I hope he does well and I have no doubt he knows what he's doing. I just think the players will let him down unfortunately.
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  3. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    Not sure, but he’s clearly a fully paid up COG. Big praise for the setup at Watford and the plan Gino and Scott have in place.
  4. Moosegasm

    Moosegasm Reservist

    or non-rookery?
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  5. cyaninternetdog

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    Could listen to dear old Roy talk about football for hours, bet he has some cracking stories. Seems as sharp as ever though which is good. Well worth watching the interview if you didnt catch it live.

    If he can get the players to give 100% then that will do me, staying up from the position we are in now and the fixtures we have left is going to be very difficult though and will be made more difficult as I expect Saudi Geordiea FC to sign 2 or 3 quality players before the window slams shut.
  6. LeedsOrn

    LeedsOrn Reservist

    Not really. He said something to the effect of: who knows if the players are good enough or will buy into our methods. We’ll have to run the rule over them and many are injured or an international duty anyway.

    He’s also been on Sky and said that he won’t be knocking on the owner’s door demanding new signings and that we have a big squad.
  7. Very interesting guy to listen to, levels above our usual new manager 'glad to be here' waffle

    Zola and Taylor is/was equally as interesting
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  8. LeedsOrn

    LeedsOrn Reservist

    I found that interesting too. Could do worse than having him back, particularly if we go down.
  9. Burnsy

    Burnsy First Team

    Crikey. That’ll be like Beethoven’s 5th symphony to Gino’s ears.
  10. Moosegasm

    Moosegasm Reservist

    I'd imagine older more jaded fans find their youthful energy, enthusiasm and positivity hard to handle. Personally I think it's great. They seem unpretentious genuine and down to earth people. Good luck to them. Personally, as a general rule, I try not to troll people who could potentially be my children! Millenials are fair game but not Gen Z.

    I do feel though that if u can wade through the miasma, this forum does provide a much better insight into WFC than other media/social media/vlogs/podcasts.

    For example WD18 were pro Deeney Rose and Bachmann and FTRE were pro Deeney, total Duxbury sycophants and thought it was ok to lose Hughes.

    It's a shame the FTRE boyz dont have the cojones to come on here with their real identities.
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  11. LeedsOrn

    LeedsOrn Reservist

    He’s also said “it’s too early” when asked about whether additions are required (also in his sky interview) and while I sympathise that he might want to see them in action etc, the transfer deadline won’t wait for him. Clearly, though, he hasn’t extracted any transfer guarantees from Gino or at least none he’s willing to discuss publicly.
  12. Ágætis Byrjun

    Ágætis Byrjun Reservist

    Nothing will ever beat Aidy's first few interviews.

    The man made ridiculous promises and incredibly produced the results. He even made the fans believe.

    But as first interviews go, that's a good start from Roy.
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  13. a19tgg

    a19tgg Squad Player

    Isn’t that the general point? Most of these podcasts are just run by sycophants desperate to pander to the club, which is why they get such ridicule on here as the vast majority of us have no agenda?
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  14. Moosegasm

    Moosegasm Reservist

    There was definitely too much pandering going on at the end of last season when Troy was on WD18 and Scott was getting a hand job under the table in a pub with FTRE. Its crucial fans keep club owners accountable and a lack of accountability has definitely developed at the top of WFC.
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  15. GoingDown

    GoingDown "The Stability"

    Hey, at least two of them have been on Sky Sports News at 3pm on a weekday over the last week or so. What have you ever done?
  16. a19tgg

    a19tgg Squad Player

    Neither of those podcasts will keep the club accountable, in fact quite the opposite so I would just ignore them and look elsewhere.
  17. WatfordTalk

    WatfordTalk First Team

    This is actually very good advice for some on here that get so riled by them
  18. Robert Peel

    Robert Peel Reservist

    Was in Malmo about 5 years ago and dragged the family along to watch Malmo v Midtylland in the Europa League. Turns out that one of the corners of the ground is call the Roy Hodgson Corner as he is massively popular over there after he won 5 back to back league titles.
  19. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    He seems very popular at most clubs apart from Liverpool - they never took to him really from day one .

    And England I guess unfortunately.
  20. HappyHornet24

    HappyHornet24 Crapster Staff Member

    Apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere but someone just sent it to me and it made me smile.
  21. HappyHornet24

    HappyHornet24 Crapster Staff Member

    Yup - still haven’t worked out how to effectively put images up.
  22. I Blame Bassett

    I Blame Bassett Squad Player

    It was good.
    I suppose by Roy's age you tell it as it is,no point with faffing about.
  23. Supertommymooney

    Supertommymooney Reservist

    Not that popular if he only got a corner...

    GT and Elton at least get a whole stand each.

    Are you sure it wasn't a corner flag? Come to think of it, he'll get one of those here when we boot him out.:eek:
  24. a19tgg

    a19tgg Squad Player

    Roy will probably get a urinal named after him knowing us.
  25. Loyalhornet

    Loyalhornet First Year Pro

    I liked his honesty in the interview . He seemed completely uncertain whether the players could actually produce the goods on the pitch .Didnt fill me with confidence but then I’ve accepted almost certain relegation now anyway ,

    He also didn’t seem to buy into the football mercenaries idea , as he said the main reason his teams have lost matches when they are coached properly is because they weren’t good enough .
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  26. Cassetti's Beard

    Cassetti's Beard First Team

    It does make you wonder whether the forum is unique in it's views but then when you get to the ground and talk to those around you it becomes quite clear the podcasts are completely out of touch.

    I guess free tickets, merchandise and an interview from a player or Dux is enough to sell your soul for these days.
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  27. a19tgg

    a19tgg Squad Player

    These podcasts all generally fall in to the same trap, they want more access to the club, inside info etc, but they won’t get that if they say anything bad about them. In the end they just become part of the club echo chamber and any inside info is relatively useless because they can only report what the club want them too.

    The Duxbury interview on FTRE last summer is a case in point, they were probably chuffed to get Duxbury on, but the only way they could get him on was by not asking him any challenging questions and basically licking his arse for 60 minutes.
  28. SkylaRose

    SkylaRose Administrator Staff Member


    Just watched it myself this morning and I was in agreement with everything he said. Not felt like that since the GT days, when he used to come out after losses and tell people how it was straight, none of this "we go again" fluff. Roy is an old hand and will be steadfast in his beliefs to what he will attempt to instill into the players. Whether or not they listen to him is out of his control, but if they are well coached by Ray and himself, battle hard between now and the end of the season, there is little much more we can ask of them. Hopefully we will pick up points under him that we threw away so cheaply under Xisco and CR70. Better defensive mindset will be an excellent start.
  29. EB Hornet

    EB Hornet Reservist

    Aidy Boothroyd gets a bit of a bashing sometimes for how things ended up, but I would probably rate that as my favourite season supporting the club (I didn't really get fully into football until around 1989) and you are spot on, there was something about him and what he said that made me believe from day one. I remember driving home from the opening day game and for the first time ever I was really excited and upbeat after a defeat!

    Will watch this video in a bit and hopefully get some positivity and belief back in me for the 2nd half of the season.
  30. SkylaRose

    SkylaRose Administrator Staff Member

    I actually feel we would of been a League One side before he came in at the tail end of that season. Worked a minor miracle in keeping us up even back then. I remember coming back from the Stoke game (we won 2-0) thinking "you know what? We might just do this..." Little did we know not only did he keep us up with relative ease - it totally transformed how we played the following season. Marlon King was massive part of that, but so was Matthew Spring, Darious Henderson and Ashley Young. Having a more youthful Foster in goal certainly helped.

    If Woy can do anything close to what Aidy did in 04/05 and retain our league status as a PL side - we will be very well appraised.
  31. RS2

    RS2 Reservist

    That whole season I kept waiting for us to nosedive and it just didn't happen. He's since shown himself to be somewhat limited tactically but for such a young manager at the time his man management was incredible that season.
  32. Chumlax

    Chumlax Squad Player

    The similarities in approach/sensibility aren't that surprising, really, when you consider the strange-seeming fact that Hodgson is only three years younger than GT was/would have been!
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  33. a19tgg

    a19tgg Squad Player

    That was the last time I had a season ticket, I throughly enjoyed that promotion season, and then after that life got in the way and I didn’t have the time to commit to going every week.
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  34. AndrewH63

    AndrewH63 Reservist

    I thought he sounded sensible and grounded in this interview. More of the same please.
  35. Forzainglese

    Forzainglese Reservist

    Because they are rubbish or perceived by the incomer to be rubbish?

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