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  1. reids

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    Bored at work so decided to create this as it'll be useful firstly for myself (I always find whenever I write something down, i'm justifying it to myself that I'd the write decision!) and also for anyone that cares about my progress (I know a few have via PMs etc).

    So, it's no secret that i'm interested in becoming a football manager or coach (would prefer a job as a manager/assistant manager ideally), i've done my FA level 2 and looking at taking a few more specialised (mostly youth and goalkeeping badges) courses before I move on to my UEFA B. So far experience wise, I haven't done too much so far.

    Langley Eagles

    Around April last year I joined a newly formed Saturday league grassroots team as coach and assistant manager (they had 2 managers which was a bit bizarre), I ended up leaving around October time for a variety of different reasons. One of the managers then told me that he was also leaving and was setting up a team of his own and would like me to come and help him establish a squad and to be their coach.

    I agreed, so since January i've been taking training for them, we're called Langley Eagles and will be going in to the East Berkshire Football League Division 3 ( - still last seasons tables up at present). We train on Tuesdays and play on Saturdays.

    So far we've had 4 friendlies:
    a division 2 team (with some players from their premier league team playing) which we lost 5-3,
    a division 1 team in which we lost 4-0,
    a team (not in our league structure) that hasn't been beaten for 2 years also beat us 4-0,
    a division 1 (i think) team which we lost 4-3.

    Obviously not fantastic that we've lost every game we've played so far, but we've opted for a hard pre-season to really test ourselves, the way we've been playing makes me think that we're not going to get many wins during pre-season, but we'll certainly get plenty of wins when the season kicks off, and as far as i'm concerned, that's all that matters. Morale doesn't seem to have been affected and everyone's still upbeat. A strong team.

    Hendon Athletic

    The other team i'm involved with is Hendon Athletic. I've only been with them for 3 weeks so far, taking 3 training sessions and having 2 games. I'll be one of 2 coaches, and will be manager of this team. I let the other coach choose the team for the first game as I still didn't really know the players, having only been to 2 training sessions at the time, we had lots of players out, and only had 11 players, including myself (who hasn't played a full 90 for a few years). We ended up losing 4-0, with 2 of the goals my fault. Oops :sign15:
    Our second friendly was on Sunday, in which I was in charge for the first time, and we smashed a team in the division above us 7-2, with some very encouraging and easy to watch play.

    We'll be going into the Middlesex County Sunday League ( I believe last season they were in the London football league but have decided to join a new league structure, they've reached a few cup finals in the last few years i've been told. We train on Thursdays with a game on Sunday (so yes, 4 of my 7 days per week are football related :]])

    I will be taking Hendon a lot more seriously than Langley, so much so that i'll essentially be doing a "dry run" for what I will be doing if I ever take it a step further. I will be recording each game we play, in which i'll analyse both us and our opposition for the return game, I will be using a somewhat primitive but still useful statistics based system for a game by game (as well as seasonal view) data view of what happened in each game.

    The Future

    I have a rough plan for my future, and it goes something like this:

    2015: Try and sign myself up for either goalkeeping level 2, or youth module 1 and carry on with both teams
    2016: Get myself signed up on youth modules 1/2, and goalkeeping level 2 (whichever hasn't been done), continue with both teams, maybe get a part-time job on Wednesday evenings coaching if possible.
    2017: Get myself signed up on UEFA B + Youth Module 3, too far in the future to determine which teams i'll be with. Will still want to be managing a team though.
    2018: Aim for a job as manager/assistant in non-league or coaching in an academy

    Whilst all the above is happening, i'll be continuing to hone my skills and philosophy by doing my match analysis that i've been doing for a few months, writing my Mr Integrity-esque dossier to hand over at a future interview, building my football video library of managers whose philosophy's either interest me or i'd like to emulate parts of, keeping an eye on tactical analysis on certain websites and generally staying knowledgeable about football as much as humanly possible.

    I'll be posting notes, videos and all sorts of **** in here, but feel free to post as well with anything you feel like really.

    Cheers for reading if you made it all the way to the end!
  2. Jumbolina

    Jumbolina First Team

    Good luck with this Reids. How old are you compared to your players? Do you find this causes any problems (if you are younger than some of the guys you manage)?

    Did you ever consider starting off at junior team level - my kid plays for Hanwell and the coaches there seem to really enjoy it as the kids aren't cynical and are just playing for the pure joy of the game (and open to rapid development).
  3. PowerJugs

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    After some careful deliberation, I've come to the conclusion you're the next Jose Mourinho.
  4. reids

    reids Squad Player

    I'm 27 and for both teams i'm around the same age (Langley have a slightly younger squad, average age of about 23/24 i'd say) as most of the players. Never had any ill discipline so far, actually finds it helps a bit as I have more to talk to the players about.

    I did consider starting off at a junior level, but then thought if I was crap at coaching, i'd possibly end up ruining football for some youngsters, as that's exactly what happened to me, I hated my coaches when I was a youngster as they used to shout at me whenever I ****ed up. Either that's something that'll motivate you, or make you curl up and shrink. I was of the personality that I used to shrink and then play even worse, the coaches never noticed this and continued to do it. So I played worse. I fell massively out of love with football and stopped playing and following football from the ages of about 12 up until I was 18/19. But since those are some of the most crucial years for football playing, i'm obviously not that great of a footballer compared to people my age. I did not want to do the same as what happened to me, so decided to try with adults first, since that's also my "end game". I've also carried forward my experience as a youngster and will never shout at one of my players (at grassroots level anyway) for doing something poorly, they obviously didn't mean to **** up, they know they ****ed up, you shouting at them for ****ing up isn't going to help anything at all.
  5. Knight GT

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    Good luck Reids. Have you asked the club if they can help. I did my UEFA B 12 years ago and Watford allowed me to do some my coaching hours with them. Also did Amersham Town but other clubs could not have been more helpful.
    Look forward to reading how you get on.
  6. reids

    reids Squad Player

    Not yet, i'm planning on asking some of the local clubs for help if/when I get to that stage, but not quite at that level yet.
  7. Godfather

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    teach the kids to smash everyone and to 'get rid' ... they'll soon start winning
  8. Cude>2<

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    Don't forget "Oi Stick it in the mixer!!" which works a treat to.
  9. Legskeattch

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    Fantastic stuff Reids.

    As you know, I love this part of the game and would like to follow a similar path, but due to the 'normal' job I have, I will find it very difficult to do these course.

    Do you work elsewhere? Was it easy to fund? I saw you mention that one of the modules was extremely expensive!
  10. Diamond

    Diamond First Team

    Great thread Reids and please keep it updated regularly as I'm sure many would like to follow your progress.
  11. reids

    reids Squad Player

    I have a full-time job in a school as an IT Technician, but it's pretty easy so I can spend a good part of my day doing other things such as planning sessions etc. The courses are expensive but good value, the FA level 2 was about £375, but you get 75 hours there and the tutors are very knowledgeable and have loads of experience. The UEFA courses are very expensive (think UEFA B is around £750), but are basically a requirement if you want to go anywhere serious career wise.
  12. Legskeattch

    Legskeattch Squad Player

    I really have to check it out I think. Maybe take time off work to do it.

    A lot of my spare time is reading or watch tactical analysis/videos as well as looking at the statistical side of the game.
  13. Alban Hornet

    Alban Hornet Squad Player

    Are Langley Eagles based in Kings/Abbots/neither?
  14. reids

    reids Squad Player

    If you think you'd like it, then i'd definitely recommend it. Most places for the level 2 do a week 9-5 then 4 more days a few months later so it's relatively easy to get time off to do. Or there's one in Hendon that starts in November which is on Saturdays/Sundays only

    If you're unsure whether it's "right for you" you can always take the level 1 as a taster (like what I did), practically impossible to fail and gives you a good taste of what's to come. Believe that's around the £125-£150 mark.
  15. reids

    reids Squad Player

    Neither, actually in Uxbridge!
  16. Legskeattch

    Legskeattch Squad Player

    I'm in Bristol so would be doing it through the Gloucestershire FA :)
  17. cyaninternetdog

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    Swing. It. In. The. Mixer.
  18. reids

    reids Squad Player

    Also I forgot to mention, the level 1 comes with the safeguarding children and emergency aid certificates included, which you'll need to complete separately (think they're about £50) in order to pass the level 2. Unless you've done the level 1.
  19. Legskeattch

    Legskeattch Squad Player

    I am very tempted to book for Septembers Level 1 course as it is evenings (6:30pm to 9:30pm) for 4 of the days and the other 2 are on Sundays.
  20. I Blame Bassett

    I Blame Bassett Squad Player

    Good luck Reids,looking forward to hearing about your progress.

    I am sure the courses are worthwhile.

    In tennis we have 5 levels.Level 1 and 2 are coaching assistants and cost £220 for 3 days (Level 1) and £350 for 5 days (Level 2).

    At Level 3 you are a recognised coach.

    Level 5 is an 18 month modular course and costs approx £1,500.

    All of these courses are a long way away from the days of 'The Kaiser' saying "Just send me the certificate" when asked if he was going to take his badges!
  21. I Blame Bassett

    I Blame Bassett Squad Player

    That's impressive if you have a safeguarding course AND first aid included. We have to do these separately,although they last for 3 years.
  22. Harrow Orn

    Harrow Orn Squad Player

    Do you actually do any work at work?
  23. reids

    reids Squad Player

    A bit. Especially quiet during school holidays though :p
  24. HappyHornet24

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    Good luck Reids.

    Go for it, Legs.
  25. BigRossLittleRoss

    BigRossLittleRoss First Team

    Great to hear you are pursuing your dream reids . With the passion and dedication you obviously have , I'll be very surprised if you didn't get there . Doing something you love for a living is great ticket to happiness .

    You too Legs. Save the money and do the courses , you won't regret it .

    Best of luck to both of you .
  26. Legskeattch

    Legskeattch Squad Player

    Thanks for the push guys :)

    I booked it this morning and start on the 22nd September!
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2015
  27. reids

    reids Squad Player

    We can be a manager/assistant combo :p
  28. Legskeattch

    Legskeattch Squad Player

    Beware WFC Forum members, we will manage Watford one day....!
  29. Alban Hornet

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    That's the managers sorted for next year's WFCForums POTP then!
  30. UEA_Hornet

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    You can be the Keith Burkinshaw to his Aidy Boothroyd.
  31. Legskeattch

    Legskeattch Squad Player

    I was thinking more Bobby Robson and Mourinho ;)
  32. reids

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    2 tough games coming up at the weekend:

    Langley take on division 1 team FC Beaconsfield. We've got a few key players unable to make it (our usual CB, CM + ST all missing) with another ST a doubt. Expecting a pasting here sadly.

    Hendon also playing a division 1 team (in Hendons league structure) called Yeading Town. Looking at last season they didn't score many (29 in 14 games), but also didn't concede many (21) at the same time. Will be working on some stuff in training tomorrow that should hopefully give us a win and put us in a good position for the season ahead.
  33. MellowYellow

    MellowYellow Academy Graduate

    How have you found the tactical side of the game? Have you tried to implement any radical changes at all or kept it to what the players know? How have they managed with your ideas?

    Really interesting thread btw, thanks
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  34. reids

    reids Squad Player

    I haven't really messed around too much with that side yet (although I'd like to do more!), if there's something in particular I want each player to do then I explain it to them before the match (such as one of the strikers dropping deeper etc).

    The most radical thing I've done was playing a 4-3-1-2 when I took over a game for Langley the other week. People ended up confused (despite me showing diagrams and explaining it) and we were 3-0 down at HT, had to resort to 442 at HT and we played much better.
  35. Alban Hornet

    Alban Hornet Squad Player

    I remember you saying you liked to focus on set pieces? Or was that someone else?

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