[ogwt] Blondie In Concert, Glasgow 1979

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    This was on BBC4 last night and jolly enjoyable it was too. Shame it was only 30 minutes long with end credits running through the final song and a truncated exit as was the want with BBC programming at the time. The schedule is sacrosanct.

    Debbie Harry looked stunning and sounded good. The high-pitched cheering between tracks belayed the fact that the front rows were stuffed full of pubescent Scottish teenage boys. The low point was some Scottish pipers who came on for the last number, luckily they awful drone was almost drowned out. Oh, and Clem Burke's gold suit is very eye-catching.
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    I saw this too. Pretty much peak Blondie, with all the hits well polished by 1979. They were just starting to edge towards some of the ‘dance’ stuff they did later, but I did get the impression that DH enjoyed performing the new wave stuff like Picture This more than things like Atomic. For the record: my all-time favourite Blondie song is Rip Her To Shreds.
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    How good does she still look for 76. NINTCHDBPICT000525569737.jpg
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    God I loved Blondie.. As a 16 year old I focussed mainly on Debbie . As a near 60 year old, I think the base player was pretty decent.
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    A longer version of the Glasgow concert. It looks like it's from the same broadcast source but is lower quality VHS video but does have FM stereo audio.
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    Live on German TV, 1977. Good quality video and audio.

    No 'Rip Her To Shreds' but they do a cover of 'Goldfinger'.
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    upload_2021-9-26_14-25-17.png upload_2021-9-26_14-26-3.png

    This looks like like the source (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Blondie-Live-Concert/dp/B0001GAS7S). Fark me 70 quid for a dodgy DVD.
    I cry 'Bootleg' and claim my 5 pounds.


    I doff my hat to The Stranglers fans for the above link.
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    Lovely lady. Her partner was an A grade winker. She looked after him giving up her career only for him to walk out on her. There was a BBC 4 documentary a couple of years ago. Well worth watching.
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    :D Very good.

    Great vocal still. Reminds of Tina Turner in the sense that if you still have it - go for it. Cher on the other hand....
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    You also have the incomparable Kate Bush:

    Likewise the magnificent Joni Mitchell completes my trinity:

    Great songwriters and performers both.​


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