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  1. reids

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    Definitely agree, I feel they've focused a lot on the wrong things and there's a lot they can improve but it feels like they're doing the classic yearly update move of doing things in phases so that they have a "big" update each year when it would be definitely be possible to combine feature updates into one version. Set-pieces have been the same for years (pants) and need a major upgrade imo (as well as dedicated set-piece staff), I hate the new scouting updates compared to the older versions of FM (although I guess they're more realistic). The amount of rotation you have to do to make sure players stay fit is ridiculous. I feel the tactics system is too complex. I like a challenge but it just all feels too hard and boring.
  2. reids

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    Been fixed for the full release today :eek:
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  3. GarbeliaHornet

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    Will you sign for us now though?
  4. reids

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    Probably makes it less likely if anything!
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    I'm doing okay with my Watford save in FM23. Flogged off Kabasele, Flap-man and WTE in pre-season. Installed Okoye as no.1 and bought in Szymon Zurkowski, Josh Onomah and Felix Passlack. We're currently 2nd behind Narch.

    Also, Jeremy Ngakia is keeping out Mario, he's decent in FM23.

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