David Amess Mp - 1952-2021 - Rip

Discussion in 'Politics 2.0' started by sydney_horn, Oct 15, 2021.

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    In the modern world, anything is possible where tragedy strikes. I don't get it either. There is no sense to it.
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    Not sure we really understand why any place is a City, for example the City of London, population under 8k and why any other is not, such as the town of Bourne on the Muff, Dorset, population 466k (and yet what a crap football stadium). The various criteria people believe to be key would simply set off a QI klaxon. It’s all pretty arbitrary.

    Southend, population just under 300k, certainly has a distinctive local area so why not make it a city and why not now? Being slain while serving your local area is surely worthy of some type of memorial and legacy (and that won’t be ‘kinder’ politics) so this for once seems apt.
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  4. Shatner's Bassoon
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    "Czech Neck".
  6. Not related, but I didn't want to start a new thread; this is Trumps tribute to Colin Powell. Our resident Trump fan will of course internally process this into "Trump is not really a massive ****".

    PS This is NOT a spoof.

  7. "Joss Ackland's Spunky Backpack"
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    TBF when I first heard the news about Amess - I thought the perpetrator was either a "Right to Life" or an "Animal Rights" activist (his rhetoric was very much at odds with his voting records on both issues).
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    What would you prefer he said?

    Your opinions of tories is famous enough, and it isn't flattering, and I'm pretty sure you have implied they could all die for all you care, or the sooner the better. I could be wrong.

    I hate virtue signalling, and consider it sickening when people choose to do it. I didn''t know anything about David Amess before his death, and so chose not to 'pay tribute to him' on the thread. If people don't know already that it is a senseless waste of life when someone is slaughtered before their time, or that I would condemn such an act no matter who did it, or that I would never wish anyone dead, then I am not concerned with reminding them just because a tragic event has occurred.

    I would rather someone say what they mean. I would rather they didn't virtue signal.

    Trump is still a massive **** though. But he was and still is a better option than your boy Biden.
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    Couldn’t have been an easier decision to be made.

    Terrible, horrific thing to do. What a waste all round. What a nightmare for Amess’s family.
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    I have no great love for any Tory and Amess was an Essex brexiteer right winger who did all sorts of damage to us less well off with his voting etc. What the killer said about him voting for bombing Syria was true.


    In some matters, he seemed a whole lot more honest and conscientious than the vast majority of MPs of all parties, who are simple blowhard, self-agrandising PR hot air dispensers.

    It was interesting to hear that he was involved (chair?) of the all parliamentary fire safety group, which continually pushed the ridiculous 'Lord' Eric Pickles about Tower block and cladding safety in particular and who was treated as an irritant to be blocked and ignored by the aforementioned grand lord and his office of civil servants. Pickles even went on the attack at the enquiry and started berating the lead barrister about having interrupted his very busy schedule to come along today and he'd advise the QC to choose his questions carefully because he had important appointments in the afternoon. He also said he was very sorry about the 92 dead, but there you are. Nothing to do with him. Of course 72 died at grenfell, not 92. The podcast noted they had read out all of the names at the start of the podcast series.

    Also at the enquiry was some Liberal ex-MP who was put in charge of building regulations during the coalition government (Williamson?). He knew nothing about buildings or building regulations he happily admitted. Never been involved in it before. Didn't bother even reading the Laknall House coroner's recommendations it was his duty to implement after the death of 6 people. Urgent fire safety stuff got blockaded in his office and stuck in the system for 4 years. Utterly useless. He finished up by saying he was very sorry about what happened at grenfell in July 2017, but it was nothing to do with him. Of course the fire was in June 2017.

    So in the example of grenfell and caring about the public, rich and poor Amess seemingly worked hard and was on the right side in several aspects. I don't doubt his beliefs in other areas were sincerely held.
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    Totally agree. There are good people on all sides of politics who seem to genuinely believe that they can make things better and work hard to do so.

    We might not agree with them but I respect them as their intentions are good, if sometime misguided.

    Unfortunately too many, especially in this current government, are in politics for power and personal enrichment. They will do or say whatever is necessary to keep that power. No principles, no "best intentions" just selfish narcissism deserved only of our hate.

    David Amess was definitely one of the good guys imho.

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