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Thread: Bored WITH Brexiters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sting View Post
    I think you are right - I think countries were allowed into the Euro-zone without meeting the correct criteria - and the whole EU is paying for it.
    It's called expansionism and it's how the EU operates and for every basket case like Greece there's a success like Poland. However the repatriation of the GDR was over-indulged and along with the crash of 08 this has slowed them up massively. I have absolutely no doubt the likes of Portugal and Greece will get there in the end but of course their lassitude it so ingrained it may take a couple of generations to cure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scummybear View Post
    So does that mean that the Euro-economy let in countries which shouldn't have been let in? It sounds like they didn't do thorough enough checks. Or maybe they should've better monitored their members? You know, rather than just letting them wing it and drag everybody down...
    Pretty much. There were two main reasons for Euro entry: political and economic. The political reasons were linked to the great future European project - where all of the countries' economies become "aligned" making everyone "on the same level". The UK had very little political reasons or will for joining something Whitehall, apparently, had to explain to Blair. The economic reason were that everyone was hoping to get, in effect the nice stable strong Deutschmark (in a slightly different form) so the basket cases (Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Ireland) were straight on board meaning that overnight their economies were on a parity of that of the Fatherland - something Brown had to repeatedly explain to Blair.

    NB This is an exceptionally simplistic potted history of the early days of the Euro.

    EDIT: FWIW "...the political and economic..." are the best ways to view what Brexit will be: a "political Brexit" (hard) giving all of the mouth-breathers, free-thinkers and rent-a-quotes exactly what they want would give any party electoral stability/dominance:

    "...listening to the will of the people..."
    and all that crap. Whereas an "economic Brexit" would be, pretty much, the status quo.

    EDIT2: I'm pretty certain that this an exceptionally concise account of the UK's interaction with the Euro. I'm more than willing to be corrected.
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