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  1. sherlock

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    The two forwards from Udinese you have this year are, IMHO, really good.
    Torje: very promising, maybe still a little too unexperienced for the hard Serie A defenders, I think in Liga he can shine.
    Floro Flores: really very good player, just tired to be too often a substitute for Di Natale on Udinese's bench. Playing a sort of "3-6-1" and with a champion like Di Natale in team can be frustrating for the other forwards in the team.
    Good luck for next season!
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  2. ForzaWatford

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    Granada 3 -1 up tonight and should move off the bottom of the table. Watched a bit of it and Success looked excellent, scored a great goal too. Wouldn't mind him here, he looks exactly what we need! :naughty:
  3. UEA_Hornet

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    First post on this thread in nearly three and a half years. Good going.
  4. sherlock

    sherlock Tippytappy footy expert

    2-3 now. Granada missed a double sitter for the 1-4 on another excellent cross by Success, then remained in 10 men and is now trying to keep the 3 points.
  5. Godfather

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    3-3 after Granada had two sent off
  6. reids

    reids Squad Player

    They always seem to be winning then dropping points after getting cards. Wonder how many points they've lost after a red card in the last 2 seasons.
  7. reids

    reids Squad Player

    Decided to work it out


    14-12-14: Drawing 1-1 against Espanyol - Juan Carlos gets a red in the 82nd minute - Malaga score in the 90th minute. 1 point dropped.
    23-02-15: Winning 1-0 against Levante - Colunga gets a red in the 72nd minute, El-Arabi gets a red in the 79th (Levante player also sent off in the 79th) - Levante score in the 88th + 93rd minute. 3 points dropped.
    08-04-15: Winning 1-0 against Celta Vigo - Murillo gets a red in the 42nd minute - Celta Vigo score in the 93rd minute. 2 points dropped.


    Winning 3-1 against Gijon, red card in the 81st and 92nd minute, goals in the 88th and 96th minute. 3 points dropped.

    Doesn't look as much as i'd imagined it, but the 6 points dropped last season would've taken them from surviving relegation on GD to a comfortable 13th placed finish. Even though it's early on this season, those 3 points would've taken them off of bottom and into 14th.
  8. Jellyman

    Jellyman Squad Player

    It isn't just points dropped due to cards that's an issue. Every time I look at this thread during a game, they're ahead. After the game I see they dropped points. Seems to happen with alarming regularity to me.
  9. reids

    reids Squad Player

    I think in another thread I'd clocked onto that as well and worked out points dropped. I think.
  10. wadewilson

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    hello from vietnam, i'm new to this forum too
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  12. wfcmoog

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    Hello Kieran
  13. RookeryDad

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    Granada score 4 on their return.
  14. reids

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    (And concede 4)
  15. RookeryDad

    RookeryDad Squad Player

    The Pozzo influence - spend on attack not defence - clearly still lingers.
  16. Smudger

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    A narrow loss to Sevilla in a fairly evenly balanced game that was end to end. I was watching Ocampos mainly. Still seems the all action hustle and bustle wide player he was four seasons ago without much finesse and the odd moment of brilliance that was sorely lacking along with a football brain yesterday. He cannot put the package together. Victor Diaz may be Diego Godin's long lost brother...

  17. Burnsy

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    Beat Barcelona 2-0. Top of La Liga.
  18. wfcmoog

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    Pozzo moddle
  19. UEA_Hornet

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    The BBC has an article on our former Spanish pals:


    The only reference to the Pozzos is pretty negative. And also wrong, as Gino is our front man, not his dad.

    I know the Granada fans hated being treated like a car park for South Americans but unless I imagined it, Pozzo's investment took them from 3rd division obscurity back to La Liga? If that's what counts for a bad experience they're a right whiny lot.
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