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    It's very, very watchable.
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    I gave up when it crossed the line from "...interesting..." to "...crawling up its own ********..." (before season 4). I've really enjoyed "Westworld" but, alas, it started midway through the 2nd season of "...crawling up its own ********..." The plot "twists" had all the originality of a magician taking off his/her top hat and pulling a rabbit of of it (and the rabbit's wearing a slightly smaller top hat that the magician removes from its head and pull out of it a slightly smaller rabbit wearing a slightly smaller top hat and...

    TBF the best way to end it would be for the company's vehicles to be marked: Which would, at least give them somewhere far more interesting to go.
    I can also hope that HBO use the "Western" set to finish "Deadwood" or produce the film version of "Deadwood".

    Also, I think Westworld's producers/directors/writers have bee watching far too much Family Guy:
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    Being addicted to serial killers documentaries.
    The Golden State Killer its not over. Watched on investigation discovery. Excellent insight into killer.
    Even better now because of a follow up. If anyone is interested watch it first. Don't Google it because it will ruin the experience.
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    Which one to watch first, 'It's Not Over' or 'Unmasked'?
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    Probably unmasking a killer. Both are from this year I believe.

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