Dog Walkers vs Sports Pitches

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    I have no issue with dogs going to parks where sport is played. The park is for everybody to enjoy not just 22 humans to run around. I have a dog, a very big dog (requires two hands to pick up his dump!) and always clear up after him. I walk him around the park behind my house which although doesn't have sport played on it, does of course have lots of kids playing there so should we be banned from there as well? I very rarely see dog poo left behind but there are plenty of wild animals that will dump where they want like foxes. Fox dump is a lot worse than dog dump so should we ban them as well.
    Unfortunately there will always be people who feel they above the law but I would feel it's unfair to ban everybody because of a few. Much like banning away fans coming to your club because some have played up in the past not that any decent football club would ever do that!
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    Apologies for being pedantic as I can see you are looking for solutions but my son does not accompany me at 5.00am in the morning so my dog reverts to being a household pet when not helping to look after my son. I am able bodied so when I walk my dog he looks like any other dog walking across a park. I do have paperwork to show he is an assistance dog but if I was stopped I wouldn't want to have to produce it every time.

    I keep on mentioning it but no one has answered about the litter left behind sometimes by people who are using the sports pitches. I haven't seen it where I walk but I understand there are areas of the country where it is quite common to find syringes which have been dropped on the ground. While checking the pitch for dog mess do you also check and clear the pitch of all the rubbish left behind because the problem would not be ended just by banning dogs and their owners from walking across sports grounds.
  3. Diamond

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    Yes absolutely. Wasps and foxes should be wiped off the earth.
  4. PhilippineOrn

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    Wasps pooing on sports fields is a problem? Who knew?
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  5. Bwood_Horn

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    I went to a "thing" where it was argued that wasps are almost as important to agriculture as bees and that increasing reports of wasp/hornet attacks on hives/bees *could* be down to pesticide usage vastly impacting the wasps "normal" food supply.
  6. The undeniable truth

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    If you changed that very very slightly to wasps and the ar*eholes who hunt foxes I'd agree.
    But we agree on wasps. Little b*****ds. Where do I sign ?
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    Wasps are only trying to make a living - the same as you or I.
    Many insect species go through a boom and bust cycle in their populations. For the last four or five years there have been very few wasps about, but this summer there were certainly more. Perhaps they're on the rise!
  8. The undeniable truth

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    True. But I don't sting them.
  9. Carpster

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    But we'll keep the fun loving mosquito.
  10. Carpster

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    Fookers even walk dogs on the beach. Whatever next
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    It's going to be difficult to mark out a football pitch on that surface.
  12. CYHSYF

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    My U12 girls team played this morning at Everett Rovers Leavesden Green and I duly scoured the pitch for dogshyte then one of our subs warms up on the next pitch and ends up with shyte smeared all up one of her socks - absolutely disgusting
  13. Arakel

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    As a dog owner I cannot understand how anyone lets their dog run over a sports pitch to squat one out. There's no reason for it whatsoever. Our dogs are kept on the lead at all times except in enclosed dog parks, and our "big" dog (standard poodle) is a certified canine Good Citizen (i.e. highly trained and assessed as such - it's fun as well as practical, and I'd highly recommend it).

    Some people just shouldn't be allowed to own dogs (which is the same way I feel about kids, to be honest, but that's another subject).

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