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Optimistic on player spirit

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In the week building up the Leeds game I had been on night shifts, and with the prospect of another out of hours stint ahead of me at 6pm, the thought of heading to the vic on saturday was not exactly one which filled me with joy. Especially when you take into account Leeds league position and the likely chance that we could get turned over bearing in mind their good form.

Anyway 3pm on saturday afternoon found me sitting in the rookery shivering next to my dad. I don't know why but at that point I thought of the thread on here earlier in the season where there seemed to be a distinct lack of disillusionment with the club and the team. I think the point was made in the thread that there were no players in the team for us the fans to really connect with. No passion, no drive, no desire.

By the mid-point of the second half I began to think that really perhaps that thread was a little premature. The team performance as a whole on saturday was great, however the effort and the passion of the players was phenomenol. Every single man wearing a yellow shirt on that pitch was giving his all for the team, the club and most importantly the fans. To name but a few:

- Mariappa. As usual immense. Our defensive strongpoint, he defended the box superbly, ably supported by nosworthy. He really is turning into a captain fantastic, he puts his body on the line for the club every week against often taller and stronger players but always somehow turns in a good performance.

- Dickinson. The similarities between the man and robbo are uncanny. He had a few poor games, but in this unbeaten run has found some consistency and has stopped making silly mistakes. He is even getting forward more often and has been rewarded with two fine goals. Dicko wears his heart on his sleeve, and although some may say his fist pump towards the fans is ever so slightly cliche, in this age of footballing mercenaries to see someone who so evidently cares about the team and the fans is awesome.

- Hogg. Has stepped into the team and recently has turned in some great performances. He has all the fighting spirit that we expect of someone at the club. He has made the centre midfield spot his own. At the end of the day he is a terrier, the type of player we think we would all like to be for our club if we were professional footballers. A limitless supply of energy and heart.

- Deeney. Workhorse. He does not start many games, he does not score many goals. But you can guarantee that when he does step on the pitch he will give you 110% every single time. Many players in his position would probably be quite content to pack it in and move clubs to get regular football, or bide their time on the bench and pick up wages. Not Troy, you have to admire his determination.

I know a lot of the early season thinking has to be considered alongside the results, which obviously had people feeling a little bit down. However we are most definitely not a souless team.

As the final whistle blew I was gutted, but looking up at the pitch I could see that every single one of our players was too, and I was extremely proud to be a watford fan.
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  1. luke_golden's Avatar
    Well written mate. I was one who looked toward the team and didn't see many heroes, you make a good argument for otherwise.
  2. Optimistichornet's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by luke_golden
    Well written mate. I was one who looked toward the team and didn't see many heroes, you make a good argument for otherwise.
    cheers luke. i agreed with you at the start of the season, however dyche has now definitely got them playing well together.